Art, only art…

Nietzche stated that “We have art so that we do not perish of truth” and undoubtedly the one who is remembered mostly for effectively killing god could not have been wrong.

We live in a loathsome reality, surrounded by people who fail to understand us, since they equally cannot comprehend who they are. And what had art been at its beginnings if not the depiction of what people thought a utopian world would look like? We are subject to failure, to death, to harms of body and mind and we are still reluctant to accept our transient condition.

But still, we are able to define the nature of our own existence. Albeit there is no meaning to be found in the world beyond what meaning we give to it ( for further reference, read Albert Camus’ “Myth of Sisyphus”), we are at least provided with this opportunity. We can decide who we want to be and it seems logical that we try anything in order to achieve our state. Nevertheless, our complacency lead to nothing more than a state of confusion in which we tend to blame the others for our failure.

Perhaps what I have just mentioned looks like prevaricating, but the truth is that it reiterates my initial statement. Providing that in this world  we have to face anguish, anxiety and related feelings incessantly, what exit can we have except art? It is our only means of salvation, it is what keeps us going. Be it not ubiquitous, as it is, and it would still be of paramount importance for every human being.

Art, only art…

“If all the world were clear, art would not exist.” (Albert Camus)


One thought on “Art, only art…

  1. Tu ai idei foarte bune dar am un sfat pentru tine. Nu-ți mai chinui cititorii cu cuvinte foarte complicate, pentru că nu știu câți o să stea cu dicționarul în față când îți citesc blogul, și se pierde mult din esență pe drum. E ca in română, un limbaj foarte elevat nu înseamnă neapărat un text foarte bun, și e păcat pentru că tu chiar ai idei, dar dacă cititorul trebuie să se chinuie să le descifreze din cauza vocabularului deja ai pierdut ceva. Nu știu, părerea mea

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