Such a beautiful day. I vicarously feel every descent of each of the rain drops, I abhor the demise of the nature for it must be so comforting. Our ancestors claimed that they were one with the nature. Regardless of such preposterous thoughts, I feel more detached from everything than ever. It is peculiar how I possess all the qualities I need and I still covet more. It’s an endless struggle to achieve more and although I know that I’ll never be able to be who I truly want to be, I will fall again and againd under my old delusions of grandeur. It is an ineluctable process and to be honest I would not do anything to preclude it from happening even if I could. Am I supposed to hide who I really am? Be it mandatory, I will never be able to meet this requirement. My ego is impervious to the pernicious effects of others’ wishes. In terms of normality, I crossed the line a long time ago. But as long as I deem myself normal in spite of their conceptions I will refute these incessantly.



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