Since the dawn of history, we have increasingly tried to alleviate the pernicious effects of our deeds by saying that it was not our fault. This hackneyed phrase conveys nothing else than a definite proof of complacency. Everything we do is driven by our decisions. We decide what to do, since we have all the time a choice to make. We are human beings and, albeit we are subject to death, diseases, feelings and various weaknesses, we have the power to choose. We are the results of our actions, of our choices and thus we cannot eschew and claim that we are not responsible for the consequences of our deeds.

Furthermore, we have to be aware that everything we do is influential, due to the fact that our lives are a concatenation of events led by our decisions. Our erroneous decisions are our fault and no one else can be blamed. To make matters worse,  many of us tend to treat disdainfully this topic. Perhaps their complacency is a clear sign that  they are not able to achieve more, since usually they decide not to struggle for more.

Therefore, to claim that something else holds responsibility for our errors is preposterous. Were it arguments bolstering that conception, I would be glad to refute them. However, I do not think that someone could be so cantankerous and endeavor to support something that is not true.


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