After a lot of vacillation, I have decided to postpone the articles about myself. Taking into consideration the fact that no one really cares about my thoughts, about my conceptions regarding myself, it seems logical to do that. I can be admired easily without presenting my everyday thoughts.

Therefore, this article is about something more appealing. And what can be more attractive than music? “Music before everything”, asserted Verlaine, and this is still available today. Many aspects have changed hitherto, but music is still of paramount importance for us. Theories about music have been rebuked and bolstered incessantly since the dawn of history. Albeit I am aware of the fact that nothing new can be said about music, I can at least try to express my conceptions about it.

Perhaps it is only my opinion, but music played a vital role in the development of societies. Cultural values have been conveyed due to its appeal and may secrets lay behind musical notes. Pythagoras stated that every musical note is inextricably linked to a number. Thereby, music was deemed a fundamental part of the universe, since Pythagoras claimed that the existence of the universe is a consequence of the diverse bonds between distinct numbers. An insurmountable hindrance in our way to understanding this conception is due to the fact that we forgot what is like to consider something as mundane as music as vital. This encumbrance can hardly be superseded by our passion for music. In a utopian society presumably music will be considered significant for our lives, as it should be. But there is a long road until there…

“Music before everything.” – Paul Verlaine


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