Now I see clearly that I have struggled hitherto to deceive myself. Such an useless means of protection! Not only am I not sensible enough to empathise with others, but I am not able to feel something. How could I be so blind to think that I am one of them? How could I obliterate my desultory actions which were supposed to make me a regular person? There is no warrant for feeling, now I see this.  Nonetheless,I had believed this for a long time, until I jettisoned my own conceptions, my own values, for a meaningless cause. Every hardship can be overcome by ourselves. We need others just to socialize, to interact and to create meaningless bonds. But the answer to all our problems lies within ourselves. Taking into consideration the fact that there is so much we do not know about our minds, how could an external factor be able to help us in this endeavor?

“The world is beautiful, and outside it there is no salvation. ” -Albert Camus


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