People have endeavored since the dawn of history to understand the meaning of life. What is peculiar is that there is no such thing. Seldom have we comprehended better the deleterious effects of repudiating the concept of a meaningless life. Unfortunately, this is the point where I have to make a digression. Were I not aware of the contentious aspect of my statement, I would not have to resort to this.Despite the fact that everything depends on how you perceive life, presumably if we had not been so distinct, there would not be a plethora of conceptions regarding life. Therefore, different people could hardly have similar opinions about the meaning of life. In order to avoid a controversy, I have to assess that my previous statement, related to a desultory life, was referring to a general meaning of life, one which could encompass all our conceptions. Nevertheless, the truth is that it would be an exhaustive, burdensome process to search for the meaning of life. To make matters worse, it could be rather perilous than beneficial, taking into consideration the fact that we have the tendency to focus on an obsessing task even when there is no warrant for doing that. Albeit it is an ineluctable process trying to find the purpose of our lives, under no circumstances must it become inexorable. The ubiquity of various theories regarding life makes it difficult for us to have an original approach, though this is not impossible. However, isn’t it more interesting to fight answers after an onerous process and after you have encountered several problems? I think that it is more satisfactory and due to provide us with more pleasure than an easy approach. All in all, I think that finding the meaning of our lives is difficult not only because we struggle to make this happen too much, but also because we are facing the irrational most of the times whilst doing this.

“Yes, I am so free. And what a superb absence is my soul.” – Orestes, in Sartre’s play “The flies”, act 1


2 thoughts on “Reprehensibility

  1. Mariana D. P. says:

    Adelin, ” […] we are facing the irrational most of the times whilst doing this […]” what do you mean by irrationaity?

    Also, could’t help noticing it: most of your posts represent pieces of writing in which you talk about writing itself…, as your reader, may I give you one constructive criticism?

    All the best,

    Btw: where are you applying and for what course at Uni?

    • adelind says:

      I was referring to the unknown, which is subjective, since we have different levels of perceiving the reality.
      Every criticism is positive, so bring it on.
      Political Science, haven’t decided yet for the college

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