We are overwhelmed by the myriad of decisions we have to make, with no possible way to know whether they are going to be propitious or not. Therefore, how could we not be subject to anguish? Undoubtedly, there is a topic of debate regarding this susceptibility to angst.

First of all, not all of us are willing to accept the fact that this anguish really exists. Sometimes it may be not only burdensome, but may also lead to exhaustion. What seems peculiar is that this exhaustion can be physical as well as psychical. Albeit no logical explanation can be put forth easily, this theory is reiterated by the fact that when we are extremely nervous, for instance, our body shivers and reflects the mental consequences of our restlessness.

Furthermore, people who are supercilious tend to repudiate such theories which are perilous to their self-esteem. I must confess that I have had a hard time hitherto acknowledging the fact that I am prone to anguish and its distinguishable effects. Why are those effects distinguishable? Because there is no other warrant for their occurrence, I dare to say. However, I have now learned that I have to live with my angst. It is an inexorable state once it has been reached and we must learn to live with it.

All in all, anguish is ubiquitous once it has been achieved and accepted. From time to time, you might have the feeling that it vanished, but its recurrence is ineluctable. In spite of the fact that under no circumstances could I be considered the epitome of a anguished man, I think that my acceptance of its existence has led to nothing nefarious.  Instead, it made me more aware of my condition as a human being, as well as of my limits. Regardless, there are no limits, except those we impose on ourselves.


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