I have commenced to read “Crime and punishment” once again, this time in English. Despite the fact that it is one of those books that I would read incessantly, with no regard to the external world, I appreciate it even more in English. Perhaps it is the style, which is sometimes abstruse and not easily comprehended, perhaps it is the fact that it is a masterpiece which is valuable no matter the language-but now I find it more appealing than ever. I won’t proceed to matters regarding the subject, due to the fact that it would be pointless right now. Maybe in the future, when I will recall this.

Nonetheless, I need to exhibit once again my egotistical demeanor, for I will sustain a short peroration related to my results at my subsequent exams : 1940 out of 2400 at the SATs ( 600 at the Math section, 680 at the Critical Reading section and 660 at the Writing section) and 110 out of 120 at the TOEFL exam. Now the real endeavour is due to come, for I have to prepare my application, including my personal statement.


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