Seldom have I been more aware of the inextricable link between nature and mankind. Let alone the concept of nature as a source of nourishment and shelter, as it had been for the thousands of years of human existence, and these two notions are deeply interwoven. How did I draw this conclusion? Albeit it may be an understatement, I did this by analyzing myself whilst witnessing vicariously the changes in the nature. This introspection might resemble a hackneyed process, but the truth is that sometimes the solution which seem simple are those auspicious. Nevertheless, I shall proceed to my previous idea. Since we need infallible proofs in order to believe something, I would like to summarize how I got to this conclusion. First of all, as mentioned beforehand, I witnessed how the weather changes, for instance, influenced me. Although I assumed that it was just a hackneyed phrase to say that we are affected by weather, I realized that this is true. I felt vicariously the very process of nature alteration, and undoubtedly it was so pleasant. Sadistic,isn’t it? Be it this way, what is important is that my theory was correct. Perhaps it is not as flawless as I would have hoped, but this does not matter. At least I demonstrated myself something, and for me this is significant. After all, we cannot satisfy everyone’s desires, we cannot meet everyone’s requirements. So why should not I be egotistical and treat only matters related directly to myself? Why should I let extrinsic matters affect my welfare? However, this cannot be applied to what I have mentioned beforehand, for my peroration had other intent. Nonetheless, I become more and more self-centered, and who knows whether it is propitious or not? What is unfortunate is that we can never now, for our freedom granted us nothing but mystery and anguish. Once again, where are you knowledge when I need you most?

Indeed, I realize that I turned down paragraphs, but how could they be relevant here? How could a plain structure help me express ? Perhaps I will restore my old way of writing, using paragraphs, but for the moment I do not feel that this is the appropriate means of expressing my thoughts.


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