Once again, nothing concrete

It is peculiar how we commence to do something because it is necessary and how that specific thing becomes a part of you. When I opened this blog, it was not so much for my pleasure, but for various reasons which do not need to be exposed here.

Regardless, I do not want to procrastinate, for I think that the best approach is definitely the one involving steadfastness. Therefore, since I do not want to wane your interest in my peroration, I will proceed to the main topic. However, this might be the hardest part, since I do not have the habit of planning what to write. Instead, I focus on being as natural as I can- indeed, it is said that almost every human creation which has a purpose starts with a plan, but I would not go as far as to pretend that my posts really have a meaning. They are rather figments of my imagination, combined with my deepest thoughts, which cannot be concealed anymore.

Had I not been aware that I would to that, I would have rebuked my subsequent procrastination. I should not try to make assertions which cannot be proved, I admit it. Unfortunately, this is a flaw which hardly can be corrected, no matter how much I try to enhance myself. No, I do not try to exonerate myself from the errors I had made formerly, neither do I try to look for excuses. It is just the lack of inspiration which affects my desire to write. In other words, I needed to write, but I did not know about what. Consequently, here they are…my desultory work, my meaningless phrases, my own lassitude, all encompassed in a post longer than it should have ever been.

” Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go”. – T.S. Elliot

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