We are increasingly expressing a countenance of lassitude, whilst we claim that everything is good. We are used to pretend that we are characterized by steadfastness and sedulousness, when most of the times we choose prevarication and display a lackadaisical attitude. Therefore, how could we ever claim that we are the most evolved beings? Seriously, no other species has destroyed continuously its habitat, has harmed itself so much and has done so many nefarious things. Nevertheless, we still lack the courage to accept the fact that we should not regard ourselves as a an evolved species. Instead, we are the most unevolved, if we take into consideration the detrimental effects of our actions. One particular idiosyncracy pertaining to the human nature is that, regardless of the intent of our deeds, the consequences are most of the times deleterious and hardly can we achieve something even if we worked incessantly in order to prove that our efforts had not been in vain. Nevertheless, this is another thing which we cannot understand, since our comprehension of unsatisfactory matters is so limited. I do not want to be misunderstood, the purpose of this post is by no means that to mock the human race. I cannot be so arrogant as to pretend that I am not one of these beings which show a dearth of significant qualities. Seldom have I been so aware of the fact that we, as a species, are far from being perfect. Unfortunately, we are still descending on the evolutionary scale, lacking the means which could assure our supremacy. The environment is more affected than ever, the diseases are spreading although the medicine has evolved so much hitherto. What is peculiar is that we could preclude the nefarious consequences of our actions from occurring, but we are unable to do that at the moment. I fail to understand why this is happening. Nonetheless, I still hope that we will soon discover the strength and the determination we need in order to cope with the harsh conditions which were,paradoxically, caused by us.


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