It has been a while since I wrote something here, be it significant or trifling. Nevertheless, I am not willing to write meaningless stuff forever. Perhaps this is why I chose not to write for a couple of days. I assume now that I have more inspiration than before, that I have become accustomed to the pernicious days of not being able to express your own thoughts. Therefore, I should be, at least theoretically, more concise and less frantic or superfluous. Unfortunately, this very post is an indictment of my procrastination, for undoubtedly this is what I am doing once again. Regardless of the fact that I mentioned subsequently a new approach to writing, I must deal with my obstinacy, for indeed I vacillate considerably before I change anything. Some may call this a drawback, but I think that sometimes it is an useful thing, since some decision cannot be made hastily. On the other hand, this should not be considered a eulogy for tardiness. No sooner had I started writing than I became aware of the fact that my peroration might be misunderstood easily. Had I not referred to an attempt to enhance my writing style, this could not have happened. As you can see, I regard myself as guilty and I acknowledge the fact that I should do what I intend to. Unfortunately, as mentioned beforehand, I waver between distinct approaches a lot before I can decide. I am still confident that one day I will be able to write something substantial, without these setbacks that I have to encounter for the moment. Until then, I can do nothing else than trying to create something at least interesting, if not profound.


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