I do not know whether you are familiar with those days when you feel that there is not enough time for anything. Unfortunately, I have increasingly become aware of how busy my schedule is. Although I have been able hitherto to relax for a couple of hours a day, this has reached a demise, since lately I have dealt with more and more activities which made it impossible for me to take a break. Unfortunately, I have observed that this leads to nothing more than cursory actions, involving little attention and sedulousness, being rather hectic than well organized. Nonetheless, whilst I endeavor to accomplish all my assignments and to meet the deadlines imposed, I realize that sometimes it is of utmost importance to take a hiatus. I acknowledge the fact that one might be under the delusion that taking breaks, resembling in his or her opinion to prevaricating, is pernicious. Undoubtedly, I have to refute this opinion, due to the fact that my own observations rebuke all the possible proofs which could bolster the argument mentioned beforehand. Regardless of the fact that it is of paramount importance to be assiduous, indefatigable,persistent in our trials, this does not wipe out the concept of relaxing. Notwithstanding my last phrases, it is peculiar that I dare to talk about matters which are no longer characterizing me. For instance, the last four days have been burdensome to me; I have studied, traveled, partied and so on exceedingly, with no regard to the significant concept of relaxing. However, I am looking forward to relaxing for a while, even though I am conscious of the fact that tomorrow will be another infernal day. Now I have to get back to Nicolo Machiavelli and his well-known work ” Il principe”.


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