I have not written for a while. Unlike previous times when I protracted my posts, this procrastination was due to lack of time and not because of a dearth of inspiration. Paradoxically, when I am most inspired I have to deal with a surfeit of assignments which preclude me from expressing my thoughts. After all, what purpose could this blog have other than helping myself to jettison the nefarious thoughts which affect me constantly? For indeed my thoughts are disturbing and it is peculiar how i can cope with different tasks whilst being negatively influenced by my theories.
Nevertheless, I do not intend to provide you with tedious phrases. My state of mind is meaningless for you, I cannot conceal this. Had it not been this the situation, I would not be obliged to enhance my condition here. It is not sorrow which characterizes me, it is something else. As mentioned beforehand, I am unable to pertain to feelings of woe, since I am reluctant to accept that I am a human being. A strange concantenation of events led me to believe this resolutely, for formerly i had been regarded this as incredulous. My idiosyncrasies might be expressions of a troubled soul, suppose the soul exists. I am loath to accept various theories related to the existence of the soul, such as Plato’s dual world. For me, this universe is just a constituent part of a tremendous multiverse. Theories supporting this point of view have been put forth hitherto, although there can be still noticed a lack of definite proof. I am looking forward to the day when all my beliefs are due to be demonstrated, for I am sure that nothing can represent an actual impediment which might refute them.
Nevertheless, this is a topic of heated debate which comes against my principles. I cannot parlay my knowledge into definite proof concerning this matter, for I preferred to refrain myself from studying physics. This is a situation where I have to rely on others’ breakthroughs and I am unable to do something which might bring satisfactory results. Regardless of this inconvenience, nothing can diminish my interest in astronomy, because from the moment i read Hawking’s book, “A short history of time” I have become inexorably fascinated by this subject. Einstein’s books nourished my interest in astronomy and so did my extensive research on the internet. Unfortunately, now I am subject to the drawback of being involved in too many activities, which resulted in a ceasure in my research. However, this is just a hiatus,presumably ineluctable.
In conclusion, if there can be such a thing to a collection of ideas unrelated to each other, I am writing again. I think that this is the most important thing, the only one which can help me get away from myself. It would be preposterous if I ceased writing, for it is extremely beneficial for me. As simple as it may sound , I could not make it sound better. Enhancements are due to come, now it is all about a comeback.


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