Had it not been for morality, people would have been happier. Despite the nefarious consequences that might be noticed should we resort to an immoral means of becoming auspicious, I state firmly that nothing is more detrimental than lacking the audacity to fight for your dream. Forget about moral values, forget about prejudices, it is high time we turned to a different approach towards life. We want to be thriving, nonetheless we are neither intrepid nor ruthless. Instead, we prefer to remain in a state of complacency which fails to bear the slightest similarity to the state of a successful person. How are we supposed to acquire anything when we are afraid to top ourselves in order to do that? Furthermore, I think that the purpose matters and not the means. Of course, this does not mean that we are supposed to take advantage of others’ weaknesses when we do not have to, for it would be meaningless. We should not be mean just because we can. Being powerful has nothing in common with being a tyrant, it is all about knowing when to stop.


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