Sometimes people try to do more than they are able to do, they try to overcome their natural state and commence their ascent on the stairway of success. Whether they manage to become auspicious is irrelevant for the moment, due to the fact that today’s dissertation deals with matters related to the phase before the outcome. In other words, I try to present what determines a certain person to exert himself or herself in order to accomplish something that at first seemed tremendously onerous. Whilst it is extremely important to remember that we sometimes exhibit some sort of idiosyncratic behaviour regarding our endeavors, we should not forget that an exhaustive task is sometimes unworthy. Therefore, we should analyze carefully whether something which might seem significant is indeed that way or it is devoid of meaning. Be it the last situation, then there would be no warrant for going to great lengths. Notwithstanding the importance of this aspect, I should get straight to the point and discuss about what motivates people to struggle for success. On the first hand, there are intrinsic reasons, such as the wish to become better or the desire of one to prove him that he is able to do more than he thought to. In contrast, there are extrinsic causes – one of these is a specific prize or earning others’ respect. Nonetheless, the most satisfactory results come when you have been determined by yourself, for no one but yourselfcan know how much you prepared and how much you risked. Unfortunately, I have to put a demise to my sermon, albeit many other things could be mentioned regarding this aspect. I will presumably return to this topic one day, even though I do not see this occurring for the foreseeable future.


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