Life is transient, and despite our endeavors we cannot be always auspicious. Our perfunctory state stems from our attempt to forget about this inconvenience. However, my opinion is that, notwithstanding the hardships that we have to endure throughout our lives, we must prove that we are resilient. We must indeed forget about the dearth of time given by the modest length of life, but not in order to display an attitude of lassitude, but to struggle to achieve our goals as soon and completely as possible. Consequently, life should not be influenced by harmful conceptions like the one mentioned beforehand. It should be affect only by positive theories, which are due to make us succeed. For what is after all the meaning of life if not the one we choose? Our path to success or failure is established by us, and in order to reiterate this argument I would like to be more practical. Therefore, think for a moment at the short life of Napoleon. As a young boy, he was considered to lack the skills required for a successful career and was criticized severely by everyone. Had they been indeed astute, they would have realized that he needed only a moment of glory to achieve remarkable results. His career has been thriving and his ambition led him to be feared by his enemies as well as by his people, for the lattest were afraid of his increasing power which gave birth to the misconception that he was the Cromwell of France. A plethora of nefarious circumstances led to his failure, but had he been a little more careful, he would have become indeed ruler over the whole Europe. Therefore, he choosed his path and I think that he should be a model for everyone who is unheralded for the moment. Underappreciation might be hard, I would be too callous to state the contrary, but it is necessary sometimes. Now it is the time you took your “Destiny” in your own hands and proceeded to obtain any success you desire.For only those things that you deserve will be procured.


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