Politics should be focused on helping people and not on satisfying self interests. There are other positions which can provide someone with money on rather nefarious means. Unfortunately, this is an aspect which seems to be taken less and less seriously into consideration by nowadays’ society. I do not deny the fact that everyone is concerned about becoming wealthy – in fact, even the refutation of this truism would be superfluous – but when you occupy a position which influences a nation’s welfare, you should avoid being self-centred. There is a limit to our egotism and I think that limit is politics. It is no wonder that a well established government and a country’s happiness are deeply interwoven; nonetheless, modern politicians present an attitude of disdain for other human beings, which leads to nothing but their failures. The demise of so many political careers which occurs nowadays and the hatred of citizens regarding those persons are clear harbingers of the prevailing rancour of the latter. Therefore, what can be done in order to achieve a state of tranquility, which seems so futile for the moment? The paucity of means of linking these two seemingly opposed parts is one of the main reasons of the actual situation. Consequently, it might seem logical to try to enhance the communication between them. Throughout the history, there have been many abortive attempts to achieve this – for instance, Louis the XVI’s notebooks of grievances which were originally intended to improve the state of the lower classes, but failed awfully. Even in the United States, during the progressive era, when the Democrats tried to improve the state of the country affected by corruption and big business-policy driven by the former presidents which supported it, there were many attempts of anarchists to destroy the harmony of the country(the eugenistics movement for example which, although it was intended to defend the integrity of the country dealt with condemnable methods of getting rid of those who were not 100 percent americans). So what would be a viable method? My opinion is that people should be given the opportunity to express their grievances directly, so no third part would be involved. This way, those in power would be able to solve their problems and thus defend their positions- it is sure that people will support those who had supported them previously. An effective government should consist of politicians familiar with the problems of citizens, albeit they would be vicarious witnesses of those problems. Perhaps for the moment it is a utopia, but we can hope and wait for that much needed time to come. My goal is to help provide the people with what they need – that is, happiness, freedom and security. The desires of the founding fathers of America shall be fulfilled no matter what hindrances should we encounter. It is my goal, now and forever, to enhance the state of the nation, no matter what I may have against humans – but waiting for Nietzche’s übermenschlich we can only struggle to aid people to be better.


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