Time passes so quickly… I notice now that I have not written anything for so many day. It has been a burdensome, exhaustive week. I could talk about my accomplishments, but the reality is that no one really cares about your successes. What they are looking for is your failure, so that they can consider themselves better. Pathetic human beings! Endeavouring in order to prove meaningless things to others instead of fulfilling their ideals. And the drawbacks displayed by them are immutable. The unfortunate corrolary of this rather perilous attitude towards life, deeply interwoven with an actual disdain for it, leads to the misunderstanding of significant things related to the realm of reality. Whilst I struggle to make myself comprehensible, I cannot bear the fact that I might be sometimes peculiar in my statements, mostly because I tend to contradict myself. It may seem odd to criticize your own person like this, but my propensity for the tendency mentioned beforehand stems from the incessantly developing sense of reality that we had been endowed with. We change our opinions on a constant basis and hardly can we stop doing this, for it is not an inchoate characteristic of the human nature, but it has been there forever. Although I believe in the existentialist conception that Existence precedes Essence, I do not deny that are some idiosyncrasies of the human race that pervade in everyone, since the dawn of history. For instance, when we are children, we always seem to develop feelings for those taking care of us. It might seem as a simple example, but i think that it is enough for understanding the possible source of heated debate. It seems as if I had superseded my initial intention of making a short post . I have to learn to confine myself to expressing my thoughts more concentrated and to avoid excessive use of words.


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