It is a new year, but what proof do we have that something changed? Indeed, we begin counting the days once again, but what is different from the previous year? Wisdom? Experience? Neither one comes with the transition from one year to another – they come gradually and there are no harbingers for their arrival, for you cannot measure them. Regardless, what is so important about the passing of the years? For me, it is just a matter of convenience.. Had it not been for the structuring of the time, people would be bewildered, we would deal with a pervasive state of turmoil. It seems logical to assume that this is one of the reasons which led to structuring time in centuries, years, days, and so on.. Well, this if we do not take into consideration the Rotation Movement and the Revolution Movement of the Earth. But let me proceed to the next subject which has been on my mind for a while. Without further prevarication, I should put my inquiry – is there hope for the humanity? I am increasingly aware of the fact that the general consensus is that the state of humanity is degrading incessantly. However, I do not despair – I think that there is plenty of time to evolve. We should not remain as we are – we should endeavor in order to prevail, for we have potential, notwithstanding the plethora of hardships we encounter on a daily basis. We are not perfect, but we should covet for perfection – this is the only thing which can make us evolve, in any possible meaning of the world. I am sure that one day, each of us will understand that we must transcend our condition of humans – we must be better than we are, we must defeat our weaknesses. For the moment we claim in vain that we are the most evolved creatures on Earth, for no other creature is capable of so much hate, misery, ignorance, disdain. We shall evolve, but we have to become aware of our state – this is the first step we must undertake, and it is of utmost importance to do that as soon as possible – delaying the moment of apprehending this is preposterous. So let us be our resolution for 2012 – let us understand that we must evolve, that we must be better than we are for the moment, for we have potential and we must not let that waste!


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