There are certain drawbacks in being an atheist. Despite the fact that you have to deal with people’s peculiar looks when they hear about this, your situation is encumbered by the fact that you find yourself alone in a world of christianity. I do not even try to refute the existence of God to most of the people, since they are too indoctrinated to believe me, regardless of my many arguments which would normally bolster my view. It is even funnier when people treat me like I am some sort of Satan lover or something like that. However, I cannot help but answer the inquiries relating to my state of spirit as an atheist ( as though i were some kind of freak, who cannot be happy as long as I do not believe in gods). Among the numerous questions is particularly one which takes me aback on a regular basis : “So, you do not believe in God? How can you not believe in anything?” Before I begin, I would like to procrastinate a little bit and put forth an example from my experience with the SATs. The Reading part had always been my favorite, since the extracts were most of the times interesting. When answering the questions, however, you had to be careful whether they refer to something which is stated or implied. What does this have to do with my subsequent topic, one may wonder. Well, I have already mentioned that I am befuddled ( subject to utter confusion!!!) whenever that specific question is addressed to me. This example will help me clarify why this happens – at no point do I ever claim that I do not believe in anything, nor can that be implied. I am only saying that I do not think that God, Buddha, Juppiter, Ahura Mazda, or any other god that had been imagined over the centuries by people, exists. Hardly could such a fallacy be inferred from my sayings. I do believe in a lot of things. I believe in myself, I believe in science, I believe that everything has a rational explanation, although we are not always aware of it, I believe in the tremendous capacities of the humanity, I believe that we are wasting our qualities, I believe in evolution, I believe in the existence of a Multiverse, I believe in a relative time, I believe in existentialism,, I am firmly convinced that most of the people are natural errors and should be eradicated, I believe in fascism, I believe in education, I believe that there are still precious people among the douche bags mentioned beforehand, i believe in my beloved. So why does everyone seem to think that atheists do not believe in anything? Denying the existence of an innappropriate all powerful being does not mean that we are nihilists.


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