Initially, I had intended to write something concerning the matter of success. However, after I thought better about this, I realized that it would have been useless – after all, I have endeavored constantly in order to achieve it and I still regard it as a Utopia, for I am not interested in transient success. Conversely, I covet for a major one, immutable,steadfast. Therefore, the corollary of the subsequent statements would be that it was not something to deal with at the moment.

I have written already about time, and there is no need in reiterating my past ideas. However, the realm of time is so comprehensive, that a myriad of ideas could be related to it. However, one thought has particularly been on my mind for a while. Do not get too excited, it is something rather dull and the subject has been debated extensively. Where would I travel if I had the opportunity to transcend epochs? Historical events might seem tempting at the moment, but I am aware of the fact that the reality cannot equal my expectations. I would go, on the contrary, not in the past, but in the future – in the very last moments of this Universe, at the point of no return. Whether it will be a Big Rip, a Big Crunch, or any other imaginable eschatological presumption.

Bereft of remorse or of hope, condescendingly proud or unreasonably modest, no matter how I will become over the years, nothing will matter in that moment. To witness the demise of the Universe, that would be a privilege, a Utopia for the time being and, in fact, for the foreseeable future, taking into consideration the tardiness of scientific breakthroughs. I have no intent to be deemed awkward, so I believe that arguments to support my view are necessary. First of all, we spend our lives coping with death – this would mean winning against death, against the idea of death itself – witnessing one universe perishing whilst other is brewing – for I cannot accept the fact that the end of our Universe would preclude another one’s inception. Furthermore, being there would be similar to understanding how everything works – on a subtler level, I am sure that I would become familiar with every mystery of the Universe.

Are these arguments enough? Probably not, but words do not come easy when it comes to topics like this. We spend our lives concerned over the following day, unwilling to think of what will happen after we will die – but what will happen after this Universe dies or, better said, WHILST this Universe reaches its final moment?


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