Return of the King

It is good to be back. It feels like forever since I have written something here. While I look back at what I used to think, to write, to feel, I cannot help but wondering why had I ever decided to commence writing here. Who would care about my inchoate ideas? I cannot be as supercilious as to claim that I am yet a very interesting person. I know I will be, but for the moment I prefer not to stand out of the crowd very often. As usually, my post will be filled with wonderings, with signs of self-doubt. I have never thought why I choose to be so distant from myself in my writings. Well, this should not imply that I get objective whilst I write – subjectivity is deeply interwoven with my writing. But I shouldn’t procrastinate my explanation, as I always do ( yes, these sentences seem to be ubiquitous, and I know that I try to increase the length of my post). So, as I said, I am subject to a paradox whilst writing – looking at myself condescendingly and trying to defend myself, or, better said, wavering between opposing viewpoints – one objective and one subjective – on me. I believe now that this is a method of protecting myself from doubt in the real life. I dare to think that this way i become impervious to weakness. On the other hand, never have I claimed that this is perfect, but this does not mean that I should not continue trying everything in order to strengthen myself. 

In spite of my will, this will be a short post. A very short one, really. Nothing difficult, I hope, nothing too convoluted, too abstruse. Forget me for making you sick of all of these neologisms, but the best way to learn them is to repeat them. As well as that, forget my eventual grammar or vocabulary mistakes. It’s been a long time since I used English. To be more precise, I have not written, nor spoken English from my last post here, on 13th of March . 

See you soon. 



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